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Lorraine Kimener and Connie Law make sure there are fresh flowers on the main altar and side altars for all masses- daily, Sunday and Feast Days. In addition, women from St. Anne's Sodality make sure there are flowers for Corpus Christi altars, May Procession, and Candlelight Rosary Processions at the Lourdes Shirine and the Altar of Repose during the Triduum. Donations to pay for Christmas Poinsettias and Lillies for Easter are made by members of St. Benedict's. Special arrangements for weddings etc. are made by the responsible parties and the attending priest.

If you would like to know more or offer to help: Contact information: Lorriane Kimener (Chair) 481-3161 Connie Law - 536-2277
The Altar Guild exists for the purpose of laundering and maintaining the altar cloths and all related linens pertaining to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We are further dedicated to the beautification of the Sanctuary and have purchased expensive items, such as five new altar cloths, with the proceeds from the sale of religious articles and books at our Parish gift shop. The members of our guild are Patricia McKenney, Lorraine Kimner, Elpidia Cruz, and Scila Hudson If you are interested in helping contact: Scila Hudson at scihud
The Chapel has no cleaning service except the members of St. Benedict’s who faithfully see that our House of God is respectfully cleaned on a weekly basis. Semi-annually major cleaning is performed before Christmas and Easter. St. Anne’s Sodality oversees the coordination of the cleaning though the men are regular helpers.
WEEKLY CLEANING There are teams of 2 persons or more who sign up to clean a particular week of the month. There is flexibility when the cleaning is done during the week but it is finished by Saturday afternoon. All weeks are numbered by Saturdays. (i.e.Team 1 is 1st Saturday of the Month and so on.)
MAJOR CLEANING Prior to Christmas and Easter there is an all day Chapel cleaning and grounds spruce up on a Saturday. Windows, light fixtures, pews, candlesticks, etc. get a thorough going over.

Contact the church Office to help.
The parish building and its mechanical and electrical systems sometimes need minor repairs that don't require calling in the "big boys" - carpenter, electrician, plumber. By offering your time and expertise in any of these areas you help the parish save the cost of hiring a professional. In addition, help with individual home repairs is offered.

If you can change fluorescent light bulbs, remove and re-install a light fixture, unclog a drain, remove large dropped limbs, clean out gutters, and any other small repair jobs please contact the Chairman of this committee.

The President of St. Joseph's Guild may be contacted through St. Benedict's Flocknote message system or by calling the phone number listed in the bulletin.
There are unique, non-recurring functions/events outside those that are regularly sponsored by St. Anne's Sodality and/or St. Joseph's Guild that require coordination of food, drinks, room set-up and/or Audio/Visual set-up, e.g., guest speaker. When such events occur, the Hospitality co-chairs contact members of our "volunteer bank" who are responsible for attending to the specific needs of the event.
The primary contribution made by members of the Sewing Guild is the loving preparation of the beautiful baptismal bibs provided to each baby baptized at St. Benedict’s Chapel. While this is an ongoing project, members also handle the occasional minor repairs to vestments, assist with making and repairing the costumes used in the annual Christmas Pageant, make the tabernacle veils, and decorate the Lourdes Shrine for the annual May Procession.
If you would like to know more about how you can help, please contact:
Louise Forrest - Chair, 426-7954; or at forrest
St. Anne’s Sodality oversees the Sunday Socials after the two Sunday Masses. Teams of two or more commit to one Sunday a month for either the 8:00 a.m. or 10:30 a.m. Mass. Traditionally the 8:00 a.m. Social is just coffee, sodas and donuts and the 10:30 a.m. Social is coffee, sodas, donuts and homemade dishes to make up a midday meal. The teams are assigned by Sundays i.e. Team 1 is 1st Sunday of the Month for 8am etc. Veterans of many years as well as newcomers bring the food, set it up, serve it and clean up. All expenses are reimburseable. The paper, cleaning and coffee supplies are also kept stocked. From time to time slots open up and a call goes out to the parishioners relating that a specific Sunday i.e. 2nd Sunday of the month Social after 10:30AM Mass is in need of volunteers.
St. Anne's Sodality President may be contacted through St. Benedict's Flocknote message system or by calling the phone number listed in the bulletin.
We may not all have the ability to go forth and feed the hungry directly, but we can all contribute food to a food pantry and thereby assist in this great work of mercy. St. Benedict's has a basket located in Forrest Hall in which parishioners can place non-perishable food items. All of the food donated is collected and delivered weekly to the food pantry at St. Gregory the Great Church by a member of the Food for the Poor committee. If you can assist in this work, please contact: Lori Miklos - Chair 479-0128 or email miklos
St. Benedict’s Parish Soup Kitchen Ministry is a monthly group of rotating volunteers who work in the Sunday Soup Kitchen at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Volunteers help to setup, distribute meals, and clean up each First Sunday of every Month between 1 & 3 p.m. in the Church’s Commons Area. The Sacred Heart Church is located in the Ghent Historic District of downtown. Address is 520 Graydon Ave., Norfolk, VA 23507. Phone Number is (757) 627-1965. At least 12 Volunteers are needed for each Month’s team. No prior experience is required. Minimum age is 10 years old. You must arrange for own transportation to and from Soup Kitchen. This ministry makes a Great Family activity for offering the Corporal Works of Mercy, to our Lord, Jesus Christ!
St. Benedict's POC: Mrs. Marguerite Frier 757.410.5191 or frierfam
St. Vincent de Paul of St. Benedict's Parish is here to help members of our society who are in grave need of help, especially in these economically uncertain times. Assistance rendered goes to helping families or individuals pay bills or acquire groceries. The St. Vincent de Paul Society asks that those in need of help provide a notice of eviction or a utility cut-off notice. Once these are procured, the St. Vincent de Paul Society will provide assistance according to its resources.
If you would like to learn more or get involved in helping the less fortunate, please contact Mrs. Nancy von Tersch at nanvonter
St. Benedict's Catholic Bookstore and Gift Shop in the Social Room has grown over the years. Today there are Crucifixes, Latin/English Missals, Douay Rheims Bibles, beautiful mantillas, rosaries, medals, statues, books, pamphlets and more for all ages. There are gifts for Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation. Of course there are the traditional Christmas items, too. Please pay with cash or check made out to St. Benedict's Bookstore.
Just a few women do the ordering, stocking and bookkeeping. All the proceeds go back to items for the Church; e.g. Altar Linens.
Bookstore Operator: Scila Hudson scihud
Assistant: Mrs. Pat McKinney
The purpose of the choir is to provide sacred music for the sacred Liturgy. The choir strives for excellence in singing Gregorian Chant and other traditional hymns. Our objective is not to entertain but to provide music for "the glory of God and the sanctification of the faithful."
Since Gregorian Chant is to be given "pride of place" in the sacred Liturgy, we are working hard to learn to sing it well. Choir rehearsals for the 10:30AM choir are Thursdays from 7:00PM to 9:00PM sharp, and Sundays at 10:00AM. Anyone who is interested in learning chant and singing in the choir is encouraged to come. We especially need men who can sing tenor or bass or anything! There is also a need for a men's schola to sing the Propers of the Mass in the authentic Gregorian tones. Training will be provided. Rehearsals will be determined by your availability. We don't have a formal practice for the 8:00AM choir but if anyone is interested in singing regularly, they can talk to Jeanne Dart after Mass. Children are especially welcome. If there is enough interest, we will set up a rehearsal time for this choir.

Contact information: Jeanne Dart 424-2420 or email:jeadar
The Pro-life program at Saint Benedict’s strives to educate and involve Parish members (both actively and contemplatively) in all aspects of Pro-life: Abortion, Bioethics (including Embryonic Stem Cell research and Human Cloning), Birth Control, Euthanasia.
Group Rosary

Every second Saturday, Saint Benedict’s sponsors a Group Rosary for Pro-Life. Following the 9:00AM Mass, we meet in Saint Benedict’s parking lot for a blessing by Father, then all drive to Planned Parenthood Headquarters on Newtown Rd. in Virginia Beach. Once there, Father leads us in 15 decades of the Rosary. This effort is:
· Prayer Centered
· Family Friendly
· No Signs

Contact information: Parish Secretary: Mr. Alfred Cousins 757.543.0561 or fdam

Parish Activities

Come and rest while spending an hour with Our Lord during Eucharistic Adoration.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament commences immediately after the 8:00AM community Mass.

Prayer warriors come throughout the day spending an hour in prayer. The day ends with the recitation of the Holy Rosary at 7:00 p.m. and Benediction at 7:45 p.m. For more information on how you can commit to an hour and become a "Prayer Warrior", please contact Fr. Nichols at: fdam
The ladies of the Baby Shower committee are privileged to celebrate new life by organizing and hosting baby showers for the expectant mothers of St. Benedict's. Whether it is the first or the sixth child, expectant mothers are honored at a gathering with food, games, prizes, and gifts.

The showers are scheduled approximately three times a year for those due in the subsequent four months, and all ladies of St. Benedict's are invited to attend.

If you are expecting, know of someone who is, or would like to know more about how you can help out, please contact St. Anne's Sodality President through Flocknote or by the contact information on the bulletin.
Wishing to honor some of our favorite patron saints, each spring St. Benedict's hosts a celebration in honor of St. Patrick, St. Joseph and our parish patron St. Benedict. Held on a Sunday afternoon, a "St. Joseph's Table" with lots of food and deserts is a highlight of the festival. Many prizes are raffled to children of the parish.
A highlight of our Parish's liturgical year, each month of May reminds us of the privileges and favors bestowed upon Our Lord's Mother. After a high Mass, priests and faithful walk in an outdoor procession singing hymns of praise in honor of Heaven and earth's Queen. The procession concludes with a young lady of the Parish crowning a beautiful statue of Mary, Mother of God.
Join us on three Saturday nights during the summer for some of Hollywood's greatest. Be sure to bring an appetite. Burgers, hot dogs and fresh popcorn are on the house. A large screen film projector makes you think you're in the theater - without modern day movie prices.
Traditionally, the month of October is directed towards honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary through the Holy Rosary. Each Friday night in the month of October, a short Rosary procession to Our Lady's outdoor shrine takes place after the 7:00 PM Mass, as lighted outdoor luminaries show the path to Our Lady's shrine.
Holy Mother Church bids her faithful to honor and revere Her heroes - the Saints. Each November, children of the Parish dress in their favorite Saint constume for an afternoon of fun and joy in the spirit of each favorite Saint.
Starting in 2004, St. Benedict's presented a Christmas Pageant titled "The Saints Come to the Christmas Manger" on Gaudete Sunday following the 10:30AM Mass. All children of St. Benedict's age 4 and up are invited to take part. There are no speaking parts and the "roles" expandable. The principle roles of the Holy Family, Three Kings, St. Francis and Helpers, and Gloria Angels are assigned. However, the other "parts" of shepherds, angels and saints are the children's choice. The idea of the pageant is that St. Francis who made the first live Nativity begins the Pageant by assembling The Manger. There follows the traditional narrations of the Christmas story of the Birth of the Savior enacted by the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph with the shepherds and angels and the singing of Christmas Hymns. Then it's imagined that the Saints themselves imagined visiting the Newborn King and so the parade of saints follows at which time they give their "gift" to Baby Jesus. The final saint is of course St. Nicholas.

Most of the costumes are on hand and we can help others with putting together what we don't have on hand.

Sign-up sheets are on the bulletin board in Forrest Hall. Full costume practice is Saturday before the Pageant for 2 hours.

Contact information: Jeanne Dart 424-2420 or email jeadar
The Son of God is born among us - and this is reason to celebrate. The Parish Christmas party gives parish families the chance to rejoice in the joy of the Season - Jesus Christ is born!
St. Joseph's Guild sponsors a "Fun Day" on the last Sunday of the month (except when it coincides with a major holiday, i.e. Thanksgiving) immediately following the 10:30AM Mass. The main meat course is provided and the parishioners provide side dishes, desserts and drinks. Games are organized for the youngsters and there is usually a game of soccer for the older children and adults.

There is alway a need for more help with set up, clean up and manning the grill.

Contact St. Joseph's Guild through Flocknote or via contact information in the bulletin.

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