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Liturgical Ordo


1 St. Angela Merici 3rd Class or Immaculate Heart of Mary 3rd class
2 Sunday after the Ascension 2nd class
3 Feria 4th class
4 St. Francis Caracciolo 3rd class
5 St. Boniface 3rd class
6 St. Norbert 3rd Class or Jesus Christ the High Priest 3rd class
7 Feria 4th class or Sacred Heart of Jesus  3rd class
8 Vigil of Pentecost 1st class
9 Pentecost Sunday 1st class
10 Monday after Pentecost 1st class
11 Tuesday after Pentecost 1st class
12 Ember Wednesday of Pentecost 1st class
13 Thursday after Pentecost 1st class
14 Ember Friday of Pentecost 1st class
15 Ember Saturday of Pentecost 1st class
16 Trinity Sunday 1st class
17 St. Gregory Barbarigo 3rd class
18 St. Ephrem of Syria 3rd class
19 St. Julia of Falconieri 3rd class
20 Corpus Christi 1st class
21 St. Aloysius Gongzaga 3rd class
22 St. Paulinus of Nola 3rd class
23 2nd Sunday after Pentecost 2nd class or (USA) External Solemnity of Corpus Christi 2nd class
24 Nativity of St. John the Baptist 1st class
25 St. William 3rd class
26 Sts. John & Paul 3rd class
27 Feria 4th class or Our Lady of Perpetual Help 4th class
28 Sacred Heart of Jesus 1st class
29 Sts. Peter & Paul 1st class
30 3rd Sunday 2nd class after Pentecost or External Solemnity of the Sacred Heart 2nd class
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