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Receiving Communion on the tongue at the altar rail

Boy recieving First Communion on tongue
Communion at St. Benedict's Parish is received kneeling at the altar rails, and on the tongue, not in the hand. As the priest administers Holy Communion, he will say “Corpus Domini Nostri Iesu Christi custodiat animam tuam in vitam aeternam, Amen,” which in English means “May the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ preserve your soul unto life everlasting. Amen.” Because the priest says “Amen,” there is no need to respond to him as you await reception of the Sacrament.
Here are some helpful tips on how to receive communion on the tongue:
  • Make sure to open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out, as it gives the priest a better “landing pad” to place the sacred Host.
  • Close your eyes – looking at the priest and the paten can be distracting and can cause movement that could inadvertently lead to a dropped Host.
  • Tilt your head back, but not too far, as you don’t want to force the priest to use a “coin slot” maneuver.
  • Make sure to close your mouth as soon as the priest’s hand is away from your mouth, again, to lessen risk of a dropped Host.
  • Walk back reverently to your pew and commune with the God Whom you have just received and Who is present in you both spiritually and sacramentally.

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