St. Benedict's Parish "> Transitioning from the mundane to the supernatural

Transitioning from the mundane to the supernatural

Eucharistic Procession
When you first walk into the doors of St. Benedict’s, you will notice a respectful “Sacred Silence” that will ease your transition from the commonplace to the supernatural. This is certainly not “unfriendliness” but rather a desire to show the greatest respect in the House of God and to Christ’s presence in the Tabernacle. Arriving a few minutes early is always a good idea. This will give you opportunity to join the Rosary, offered before Mass on Sundays and various times throughout the week.
You will notice an air of prayerfulness and silence as parishioners recollect themselves for assisting at the holy sacrifice of the Mass. There is a cry room available with audio feed of the Mass.
Many women cover their heads while in church, either with a lace mantilla or chapel veil, or with a hat, which is the normal practice for the traditional Liturgy. Like the Tabernacle, a woman is traditionally veiled in church. This practice shows the holiness and dignity of womanhood, and indicates respect, honor, and protection for that which is precious.
Women also wear skirts of a modest length, below the knee, and tops that are not sheer, tight, or cut low in the neckline. If possible, men and boys wear clean, pressed shirts, often with ties and jackets, as well as dress pants and shoes. The parishioners truly exemplify the phrase “Sunday Best”.

St. Benedict’s Parish

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