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Knights of the Altar

The life of our parish community continues to thrive through many organizations and ministries as well as many planned activities throughout the year. These groups and activities enrich the parish family by providing opportunities get to know each other, to grow stronger in our faith, to use our talents in service to our parish community, and to convert our faith into action.

You are invited to join these activities and organizations in helping bring grace and charity to our parish.

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Knights of the Altar is an organization of boys and men who serve Our Blessed Lord at His Altar.

Purpose of the Society

To form a worthy guard of honor to our Divine Eucharistic King in whose Service we willingly assume the dignity and honor of becoming Knights of the Altar To render faithful, reverent and edifying service to God by assisting His visible representatives, the Bishops and Priests, in offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and in all other liturgical and devotional functions To enkindle in the hearts of the faithful whom we represent at the altar, greater piety and devotion by performing the duties of our holy office and by good example in our daily lives Finally, to insure the continued and efficient function of the Knights of the Altar as a society by attending meetings and giving of our service to the Church


It is of utmost importance to chose the right type of boys to serve at the altar. This fact cannot be stressed too much. Our Lord said to His Apostles, "You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you." So too with altar servers, The Chaplain chooses those who are to become servers. Practices are the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month - 10:00AM to Noon. Lunch is provided.

If interested in joining, please give your name to Fr. Nichols.

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